Roger Beaudoin

Everyone has their Matterhorn 


I do what I say I am going to do and I do it with passion and tenacity. 


My upbringing plays a huge part in who I am today.  My father, a Marine Corps veteran, was one of the kindest, hardest working men I know.  He was like a bulldog with one speed "go".  He would do anything for anyone and often did.  He lived for his family and taught me hard work & unconditional love.   Ironically his final words to me were "Thank you for everything YOU have done for me".  If only I had known they would be his last.

My mother is a force to be reckoned with.  Her outlook on life informed me that my present and future successes and accomplishments were simply unlimited.  She is no doubt, my biggest fan.  She taught me to be detail oriented, to be financially analytical and that if you are savvy, you can do anything.  She no longer knows my name but her face still beams with pride when I walk in the room.  


"To Thine Own Self Be True" - was my mother's favorite quote.  She stood fiercely for herself and her family.
"Be Careful" -  was my father's favorite quote.  He lost his only daughter, my sister when she was 5.  I believe he worried about me everyday of his life.


Business is not static, it's dynamic.  If you want to be successful, you better be prepared to roll with the changes.

  1. Surround yourself with people who are more intelligent than you are (note, my wife). 
  2. Continually seek opportunities to gain a fresh perspective.
  3. Be tenacious in the face of adversity.


Stay true north to your faith, there will be days that bring you to your knees.


Roger Beaudoin is a an Adventurer, Entrepreneur & Author & Speaker

He has spent most of his adult life building businesses around his passions for skiing and climbing.  His newly released books "The Aspirant" and "Rock Your Restaurant" profile his success in summiting challenging peaks around the world, while building profitable restaurants.

As a restaurant impresario, Roger founded and operated 4 concepts/hospitality companies over the past 21 years. He recently sold the Matterhorn SKI BAR in Maine, his last seasonal restaurant and bar that generates over $1 MILLION dollars sales in just 4 months.  During Roger's tenure, the Matterhorn was named “BEST SKI BAR USA” by Skiing Magazine and “Classic SKI BAR” by SKI Magazine, as well as receiving restaurant accolades from the New York Times, Boston Globe, Frommers Travel Guides, Powder Magazine, Yankee Magazine and other publications.
Roger now serves restaurants on a global level with customers in many countries.  He is the Founder of the Sales Stars Server Training Program and Author of Rock Your Restaurant, a game-changing guide to Restaurant Finances.  Roger is a sought after Speaker, Restaurant Coach and Consultant, the Host of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast and is frequently interviewed as a Guest Expert on other industry podcasts as well.  Roger writes a monthly blog for Restaurant Hospitality Magazine Online focusing specifically on Restaurant Service.  Knowing that more than 50% of restaurants fail, he has a deep passion for helping new restaurant owners not only survive but thrive and knock it out of the park!    With over 20+ years in the business,  he is a genius with restaurant analytics, branding, training, systems and efficiencies and uses that expertise to help restaurateurs create not just restaurants, but BUSINESSES that ROCK PROFITS!

Roger is a classic car enthusiast with an affinity for vintage Porsches, Corvette Sting Rays and MGs.  He is a passionate skier and mountaineer/alpine climber with numerous ascents under his belt including the Matterhorn in Switzerland and Grand Teton in Wyoming.

"The Aspirant" (Roger's latest book) is an inspiring story of his passion to progress from hiker to climber and his persistence to climb a peak he long dreamed of:  The Matterhorn in Switzerland, a feat he accomplished twice. 

Roger currently lives in Sun Valley, Idaho with his wife Thea and two young daughters.  When he isn’t coaching, speaking, podcasting and creating new tools for restaurant owners, you will find him dining out at new restaurants, dancing in the moguls at area ski resorts, ripping it up on his mountain bike in the canyons, or playing tennis ball tag with his daughters at the local playgrounds.