Roger Beaudoin

I believe in pursuing passions, adventure and things that feed my soul.  Every now and then I feel an inner pull to seek extraordinary experiences.  These don’t need to be extreme, just raise my adrenaline a little.  Whether it's climbing a peak or hanging 100 feet from a giant ice wall, diving with sharks inside a shipwreck, or just carving big arcs down a steep frozen mountainside, for me a life well travelled includes a few risks along the way.  

Climbing the Matterhorn was a defining moment in my life that took 10 years to achieve.  Everyone has their “own Matterhorn” in life. Whether that’s a peak or a personal/business pursuit, I challenge you to go for it!  

My passion for the Matterhorn resulted not just in the climb of a lifetime but in building a nationally known restaurant and ski bar of the same name with thousands of raving fans.  After 20 years of an incredible lifestyle,  I sold that restaurant in pursuit of continued adventures skiing, climbing, traveling and authoring books.  I founded Restaurant Rockstars, LLC, coaching, consulting and training other restaurant owners & operators to build killer brands that rock profits so that they too can live the lifestyle they desire!